Saana Inc.

USA and Canada retail distribution and brand representation for several Scandinavia and UK consumer outdoor gear and clothing, and industrial clothing and footwear manufactures. Saana Inc.


Consultant and outfitter for goods spanning multiple industries to include outdoor gear, clothing and survival equipment.

We work with government/military, scientists, media and corporate/executive travel. OREITHYIA Inc.

Freelance Cameraman/Cinematographer

United States Navy; United States Army; United States Army, Southern Command, United States Army, Special Forces; NBC News, NBC Sports; Cronkite Ward TV; National Geographic; Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Military Channel, History Channel; FBI, The Boeing Company, Smithsonian; Oxygen Network; WETA/PBS; ABC News; Ogilvy & Mather; KCD NY; Walt Disney Studios; Ford Motor Co.; Done and Dusted; Sony Broadcast CineAlta; RedBull Inc; L Brands/Victoria Secret; The Carlyle Group; NASCAR; NBC Studios NYC; Virgin Music; Rider Cup; Mark Burnett Productions; ESPN; The US Capital; US Forest Service; The US White House; Bomardier; FNH USA, NASA; Merlin Bikes; National Endowment for the Arts; The North Face; Sony Entertainment; Outdoor Channel; Daimler AG; General Dynamics; AERO Films; BAE Systems; Alliant Techsystems (ATK); MTV; Sony Computer Entertainment of America; Zipper Interactive; TBWA\Chiat\Day; 505 Games; Deloitte; PGA of America; Viacom Media, Canon USA Professional Products Division; HBO, Behind the Scenes; SigArms, Colt’s Manufacturing LLC; Wally Sailing; Bogner USA; Vogue USA Magazine.

Freelance Photographer

Bell Helicopters; SAIC; General Dynamics Corp; National Geographic Television; National Geographic Channels, National Geographic Society; PBS; Smithsonian; National Air & Space Museum; Sony Broadcast and Business Solutions; AeroVironment; Newport News Shipbuilding; VLTOR Weapon Systems; Milkor USA; FNH USA; US SOCCOM; The Goddard Space Flight Center; United States Naval, Special Warfare;  Under Armor; The American Heart Association; Sennheiser; NBC; CBS; HBO; National Endowment for the Arts, Pelican Products; Patagonia Inc; NBC “Dateline”; Black Diamond Equipment; Accuracy International; Petzl; South African Embassy; Canadian Embassy DC; Qatar Embassy DC; Motorola, Gates Underwater Housings; EOtech; Aimpoint; Electrophysics; Canon USA; The North Face; Mountain Hardware; Bogner USA; The Wolf Trap Foundation; Iridium Communications; Sig Arms; Colt Manufacturing;

Production Equipment Manager
National Geographic Television &
NGC Channels, Worldwide

In this position, I evaluated and acquired relevant motion picture, video, photographic, sound, lighting, field and expedition equipment and oversaw daily operations of an equipment room with an inventory valued over $30 million. My job sometimes required to specially fabricate mounts, housings and equipment to support production. I introduced Steadicam, Glidecam, Sony DVCAM™, Panasonic DVCPRO™ and later Sony, Panasonic and Ikegami HD technology.

I was also responsible to educate staff on the newest technology, and provide instruction when needed. I frequently prepped Producers, Associate Producers and Production Assistants going into the field on how to use different cameras, audio and lighting equipment.

As the National Geographic Television, and later The National Geographic Channel’s official outfitter, I kept up with the latest trends, as well as formulated and maintained relationships with many diverse manufacturers worldwide to provide clothing and equipment for production.

Aside from providing equipment, I consulted Producers, AP’s and staff on visual ideas through production equipment techniques and various diverse equipment applications to tell a story.


I rent motion picture and video production equipment. Contact for details and pricing.

Video Kits
  • Sony PMW F55  CineAlta 4K Package incl. OLED viewfinder, RAW recorder, Chrosziel kit, batts & charger.
  • Sony HDWF900R CineAlta 24P package w/ Canon HJ11x4.7B KLL-SC or Canon HJ17ex7.6B-IRSE-A eHDxs 17x ENG, AB Gold Mount, Chrosziel matte and rods.
  • Sony DVW-700WS Digital Betacam package w/ Canon J14Ax8.5B4, AB Gold Mount, Chrosziel matte and rods.
  • Canon C300 Cine package.
  • RED Scarlet Dragon PL mount package incl. 5″ LCD, 64GB Redmag (2), side handle, Redvolt (4), charger
  • RED Epic package
  • Sony DSR-500WS DVCAM package w/ Canon YJ20x8.5B IRS, AB Gold Mount, Chrosziel matte and rods.
  • Action Pack: 10 GoPro HERO3 Black Edition cameras, variety of suction cup, sports, 3-way, surfboard, bike, gooseneck, tripod/stand, automotive, helmet and body mounts. All 10 cameras in housings (black and dual housings available), 5 dive housings included, 14 battery packs, 6 chargers, DC charger adapter, wifi remote, LCD’s and various cables.
  • Camcorder kits available – Canon XF300, XF200, XF100, VIXIA HF G30 and Sony PMW300K1, PXWZ100, HVRZ5U, FDRAX1, HDRCX900.
Film Camera Kits
  • Arri 416 Plus HS – ZeissHS 9.5T1.3, 16T1.3, 50T1.3, Canon 11.5-138T2.5, (4) 400 ft magazines, timecode module, integrated video, variable speed unit VSU-4, video synchronizer ESU-1, long eyepiece extension with leveler, (4) batteries, (2) chargers, shoulder pad, handgrip w/ extension, low mode support, lightweight support LWS-5, lightweight follow focus LFF-1, Chroszeil matte, Bridgeplate BP10, Calzone custom hard cases.
  • Aaton XTR Prod Super 16 package – Cooke 25-250 MK3 T3.7 Zoom, Canon 11.5-138T2.5, Cooke SK4 6mm T2, Color Video Assist, (6) 400′ magazines, (4) batteries, (1) charger, Aaton wood handgrip, Chrosziel matte and rods.
  • Aaton LTR7 Super 16 package (AbleCine conversion), PL Mount, Canon 8-64mm S16 T2.4, Sony XC999 Top Handle Color Video Assist, (4) 400′ mags, (2) 16v batts, (4) 12v batts, (2) Aaton Bx3 chargers, Anton Bauer battery belt (AB recelled 2013), Aaton wood handgrip, replacement eyecups, Aaton bridge plate dovetail + lightweight 15mm rods, Chrosziel matte and rods and Calzone custom fitted fiberglass cine cases for camera, mags and accessories.
Photographic Equipment
  • Canon 1DSMkII, 5DMKIII, 5DMKII, 7DMKI cameras available.
  • Canon lenses 14/2.8, 24/1.4, 35/1.4, 50/1.2, 85/1.2, 135/2, 300/4, 8-15/2.8, 24-70/2.8, 100/2.8 Macro, 70-200/2.8II, 17/4 Tilt-Shift, 1.4x & 2x extenders.
  • Mamiya 7 Kit incl. 2 bodies, 80/4 & 150/4.5 lenses + accessories.
  • Polaroid 600SE Pro kit.
  • Hasselblad Xpan w/ 40, 45 & 90 lenses.
  • Aquatech 1DSMKII Sound Blimp.
  • Dynalite UNI-400 Portable Strobe Kit
  • Dynalite UNIJR-PS1 and UNI400JR Portable Strobe Kit
  • Elinchrom Quadra AS RX Portable Strobe Kit
  • Dynalite RK8-1222 Portable Strobe Kit with (2) 800W Battery Packs
  • (2) Droidworx SkyJib 8 with retracts includes AeroDrive 8, Pletty 15-20’s, APC 14×4.7 props, MK FC ME v2.1 flight control, altitude sensor, MK GPS 2.1 w/ shield, MK Navi 2.0, MKUSB, XBee PRO, (2) Futaba 14MZ w/ MK R6203SB receivers, (4) 5s 8000 mAH batteries, (8) Gens Ace 5300 mAH 18.5V batteries, (4) lipo chargers.
  • Camera Mount: AV200/360 Pro w/ JR11x and R1221/2.4 receivers, Picloc 3x PRO stabilized 3-axis gimbal, FlightPower EVO Lite 4s 2500 28C lipo, 6v BEC camera mount supply, (4) 3s 5000 mAH batteries, 1.3 GHz 600 mW video transmitter/receiver, UBec 7.2v reg for servos, Recom 5v reg for cam controllers (blip switch duo and gentLED), cloverleaf antenna + high gain 9db antennas.
  • All devices running current firmware.
  • Camera Packages available – RED Epic, Canon 5DMKII, Canon Vixia HF G30 or Sony HDRCX900.
Lighting Kits (Motion Picture/Video)
  • Arri PocketPar 125, 200 and 400 AC Kit w/ Chimeras
  • Arri PocketPar 125 and 200 DC Kit
  • Arri ARRISUN AC/DC Kit
  • Softbank I Plus Daylight Lighting Kit w/ Chimeras
  • Arri Softbank IV Plus Tungsten Lighting Kit w/ Chimeras
  • Arri ARRILITE 2000 Plus Tungsten Lighting Kit w/ Chimeras
  • Mole-Richardson Tweenie II Tungsten Light Kit
  • Kino Flo Mini Flo 9″ Fluorescent System Kit
  • Kino Flo Micro Flo Fluorescent System Kit
Audio and Sound Mixing Kits
  • Sound recordist package: Sound Devices 552 Portable 5-Channel Production Mixer, Porta Brace MXC-552 Audio Case, Schoeps CMIT 5U Shotgun (Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun available), Lectrosonics wireless kit, Sony MDR-7510, Sony MDR-7506 headphones, K-tec graphite boom pole.
  • Sound Devices 702T Portable recorder w/ time code, XL-1394, (4) XLB3 batteries, (2) XLB2 batteries, (2) chargers, XL-WPH3 power supply, PortaBrace case, SD carry case, Pelican case.
  • Wendt X4 4-Channel Mixer package.
  • Wendt X3 3-Channel Mixer
  • Lectrosonics UCR411a receiver, SMV super mini transmitter, Sanken lav. cables and accessory kit.
  • Lectrosonics UCR401receiver, UM400 transmitter.
  • Lectrosonics UCR100 Receiver, LMa transmitter, TR50 lav. cables and accessory kit.
  • Sennheiser MKH 416, MKH 60, ME67 K6P, ME66 K6P, ME64 K6/K6P, ME62 K6/K6P, MKE600 Mics.
Sticks & Jibs
  • Sachtler Cine 70 head w/ alum legs + baby Legs + hard and soft case
  • Sachtler Video 25P head w/ alum legs + baby legs + hard and soft case
  • Sachtler Video 18P head w/ alum legs, hard and soft case
  • Sachtler Caddy/Video 18 w/ graphite legs + hard and soft case
  • Sachtler DV4II head w/ alum legs + baby legs + hard and soft case
  • Jimmy Jib Triangle Kit
  • Steadicam Ultra Kit w/ upgraded UltraBrite2 color monitor and PowerCube battery system

Equipment for Sale
  • Sony DSR-500WSL DVCAM DP’s package w/ Canon YJ18x9B 9-162/f1.8 lens w/ Tiffen UV filter, Century .8x IF WA Pro Converter, Anton Bauer Gold Mount, Anton Bauer Hytron (4) 50 and (2) ProPack14 batteries, Anton Bauer 2400 series 70 watt power charger with diagnostic module and Pelican case, Anton Bauer UL2 light (brand new) w/ dichroic, diffused filters and barn doors. Tiffen 0.6 ND, Original Sony Mic and Sennhiser ME-64 shotgun mic w/ power adapter, Rycote softie and premium XLR cable. New Porta Brace soft case, iCuff viewfinder, quick release tripod plate, shoulder strap, original box, all manuals with original documentation. Pelican 1650 case with foam cut to camera and accessories. I purchased this camera brand new in 2002. It only has 11 hours, and was never rented or used by anyone other then myself. Camera looks and functions brand new. Email for price.
  • Aaton LTR7 Std. 16 package with PL mount, (2) 400′ mags, (2) 16v batts, (2) 12v batts, (1) Aaton Bx3 charger, Aaton wood handgrip, Aaton bridge plate dovertail w/ lightweight 15mm rods, Calzone red custom hard cases for camera, mags and accessories. Amphibico underwater soft case. Tested and always serviced by AbelCineTech NY. Last service 11/2013. Currently listed on eBay. SOLD
  • Angenieux 10-120 T1.8 – excellent condition, no dust. Recently serviced by Alan Gordon, Hollywood, CA. Email for price.
  • Aaton A-Minima body (early serial number), (6) 200’ mags, video assist, (4) on-board batteries, power base, top-handle battery adapter, (2) Oppenheimer battery handles, Oppenheimer battery handle charger + AC and DC charger cables, 6 pin lemo to 6 pin lemo cable, Aaton mini rods, Aaton walnut grip + lock lever and on/off cable, (3) eyecups and (2) Calzone premium custom fit fiberglass cases in color Navy blue. Currently listed on eBay. SOLD